Yes. We insure pleasure crafts ranging from small up to luxury pleasure crafts worth tens of millions of dirhams.
Yes, we provide P&I cover as per the clauses in conjunction with Hull & Machinery insurance cover. Besides, we can offer full P&I insurance which includes liability to cargo, crew & pollution liability from one of the reputable P&I Clubs in the London market.
Yes, if the car is insured with us.
Yes, the Travel Insurance can cover you for single as well as multi travels with policy period of up to one year. However, the period of stay during any travel should not exceed 60 days.
We usually renew the policy with the same terms and rate unless the loss ratio is high.
You have to pay the excess amount mentioned in the policy if it is your fault. If it is not your fault then you don’t have to pay any excess.
Just sign the transfer form and pay the necessary fees.
Yes, we can cover it under Fire or Property All Risks policy.

2015 Al Sagr National Insurance Company Terms and Conditions



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