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What to do in event of a claim?

Stage (1):

  • Call us on 04-702-8500
  • Provide your policy number.
  • Provide an outline of the nature of claim being reported.
  • Provide your contact details.

Stage (2):

  • Claim reference number.
  • Detail of Surveyor appointed.
  • Initial documentation requirements.
  • Subsequent document requirements, as requested by appointed Surveyors.
  • Appointed Surveyors and Al Sagr would then guide you through the entire claim process.

Stage (3):

  • Surveyors assessment on a without prejudice basis -based on the contractual nature of subject policy.
  • AL Sagr would then communicate on Liability aspects directly with client.
  • Claim settlement process, issuance of discharge receipt, and final settlement of claim.

The above steps are meant to provide a general outline of the claim process and as such, are indicative and not exhaustive.

A brief overview of our Claims Handling procedure can be downloaded

Our Claims Department and attending Surveyors will be assisting you through the entire claim process and be available to answer all your queries.

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