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Group Medical Insurance

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Al Sagr has over 30 years’ experience in Health insurance. Licensed by all Health Regulators in the UAE, Al Sagr provides an exceptional experience and market-leading service level for clients through a wide range of products for individuals, families, SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) and corporate groups.

Our products cover all needs of UAE residents with a wide collection of benefits and options, and a high level of flexibility.

SME(Small to Mid-sized Enterprises)

Health Insurance Plans eligibility starts from 11 employees and upto 150 members. Al sagr has a wide selection of network tier-based products, each has a group of excellent benefits suited to meet all your insurance needs (and budget)

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  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Unique Product Features:

  • Over 15 different selections with a range of coverage levels: executive, standard and limited plans.
  • Annual limit up to 1 Million and as low as 150K.
  • Geographical scope ranging from Worldwide to UAE only.
  • Global Emergency Services by Assist America
    • Dental, Optical, Alternative, Psychiatry and many more high-class benefits.
    • Options of the top leading TPAs in the UAE, NAS and MedNet.
    • Varied co-payment application options.
    • Swift processing of policy issuance, validation, and medical cards delivery.

    Group Health Insurance

    For large groups with claims experience, Al Sagr has the perfect Medical Insurance solutions to meet all your employees and business’s needs.

    We are ready to tailor any plan to fit any level of coverage, locally and worldwide.

    • Wide options of customized benefits (outpatient/inpatient/maternity/dental/optical/psychiatric/ alternative, and many more!).
    • Wide options of co-insurance and deductible customization.
    • Top selection of TPAs service providers (NEXtCARE, NAS, MedNet, FMC, and Whealth International).
    • Excellent processing time for policy issuance, activation, and card delivery.
    • 24/7 customer service.
    • Complaint system to ensure receipt of feedback to better serve our clients.

    Our Value-added Benefits

    • Al Sagr has over 40 years’ experience in administration, underwriting, and customer service.
    • High-Tech solutions enable customers to generate instant quotes for Individual and SME plans through our online portals. Get a quote!
    • On-site service visits of Al Sagr team to ensure proper communication, follow-up and management, training & support on benefits including:
      • Employee orientation and seminars.
      • Customized communication material.
      • Committed follow-up and resolution.
      • One-stop shop for all claims and service issues.
      • Patient privacy and strict confidentiality.
      • Regular professional feedback, reports and statistics.
      • Health education seminars and other support services.

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